Welcome to Saint Martha’s Teen Ministry.

Teen Ministry exists to create engaging environments, consistent opportunities, and authentic relationships that will help students grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

EDGE (Middle School Ministry)

EDGE  is  our  formation ministry  for  6th­‐8th grade  students.  Each  week  the  middle school teens will hear a message specifically designed for them, they will worship, play games and take part in small group activities.  We believe that students who grow in their faith through a relationship with others become healthy, faithful adults, so our small group leaders lovingly challenge the teens to go deeper into scripture and the teachings of the Church.

EDGE is a one year enrollment. Payments are a suggested donation of $50.

Life Teen (High School Ministry)

Life Teen is our High School Ministry and there are a lot of ways your students can get involved.

  • Life Night (Sundays 6:30-8:30 PM.  Each week at Life Night students hear a dynamic message, have the opportunity to ask questions, participate in powerful times of prayer and worship (led by our student led worship ministry), grow in community through games and fun activities, small groups, and a weekly meal. Life Night invites high school teens to move from being followers of the crowd to being leaders in faith.  All high school age teens are welcome. Life Night is led by a passionate group of adults called the CORE team. To get more information on how you can be a life changer through ministry with the CORE please contact us or click here: CORE Team Application
  • Campus Ministry (time and day varies)  In Life Teen we are excited about leading teens closer to Christ both here at the Church and wherever they may be.  Christ’s commission to the Church was to go out and make disciples. . .Through our support of student led campus ministry organizations at our three Murrieta public high schools we are giving our students the opportunity to connect their faith to their daily lives and giving them the opportunity to participate in the mission of the Church
  • Hispanic Youth (Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 PM)  Saint Martha is a big family, drawing in people from a number of different cultural experiences.  Our Tuesday night ministry allows students the opportunity to explore the significance of  Hispanic Culture as it is tied to the life of faith.  Sessions are presented in Spanish and English and all high school students are welcome.

The Journey (High School Confirmation)

The Journey is a three year program typically starting in the Freshman year of high school and ending with confirmation in the spring of the junior year. The Journey program consists of 5 elements. They are detailed below:

1) Journey Events

Journey events are offered 10 months a year. Candidates are required to attend 21 events over the course of three years (21 out of 30). A parent or the sponsor must attend each event with their candidate. Journey events typically take place on the first Wednesday of each month from 6:30-8:30 PM. 21 Events must be completed prior to Confirmation in the Junior or Senior year. Our events consist of high quality speakers that share powerful messages. Each night also includes powerful experiences of prayer and community and fellowship. Parent or sponsor participation and attendance are required at every Journey event. In addition, students are invited to participate in our weekly Life Night events on Sunday evening for more small group interaction within the community.

2) Service Ministry

Each candidate must participate in one multi-day service project each year over the course of the formation process. This means that each candidates must complete a total of three multi-day service projects over the course of their three years within the Journey program.

3) Retreat

We host one high school retreat each year at Forest Home Camp on the first weekend in December. Candidates must participate in at least one weekend retreat prior to confirmation. Youth Ministry offers a fall retreat each year that is open to all high school students.

We also attend a summer conference each year called Steubenville in the month of July. Candidates may choose to attend the Steubenville  conference with Life Teen in July as their “retreat”. They may also attend as a make up for missing two Journey events before their confirmation ceremony.

Registration for the Journey program does not include a candidates retreat or conference fees.

4) Field Guides

All candidates are required to complete Field Guides “One and Two”. Through these field guides, candidates will be required to work online and study the Bible and Catechism of the Catholic Church. The field guides consist of four to seven chapters designed to broaden the experience and practice of our Catholic faith. Assignments will vary between individual assignments and parent/student/sponsor assignments. Assignments are designed to expose candidates to different practices of prayer, the teachings of the church, scripture, and lives of the Saints, Sacraments, etc.

5) Parent/Sponsor Participation: 21 Events plus some Field Guide participation/collaboration

Candidates are required to attend all Journey events with a parent or sponsor to receive credit for their Journey events. Parents and sponsors will also be required to participate in some of the assignments from the various Field Guides.

The Journey is a three year enrollment. Payment options include a one time fee of $360 or 30 monthly payments of $12.

What if my child has not been baptized, received first communion, or is behind?

Good News! No child and no family is exactly the same. Your family’s faith journey may have started a little later, or even veered a little of course for a while, and now you are ready to bring your children to receive baptism, or first reconciliation and communion. We are excited to help you!

Students who are entering sacramental prep older than first or second grade will be prepared through the age level programs specific to the grade they are in at our monthly Family Faith Formation sessions All students enrolled in Sacramental Preparation should:

    • Worship on a regular basis by attending mass as a family
    • Attend Monthly Workshops with Dad or Mom (typically the third Wednesday or Thursday)
    • Attend one Weekend Sacrament Workshop before they receive the Sacrament.
    • Complete the required Sacramental Preparation Materials sent home.

In addition to the monthly sacramental prep workshops at Family Faith Formation, Middle School and High School students are invited to participate in Edge or Life Teen each Sunday after the 5PM mass, no additional registration required!

Welcome to Saint Martha formation! and thanks for choosing to give your children then incredible gift of a relationship with Christ in and through the sacraments!

Sacramental Preparation for older students is a two year enrollment. Payment options include a one time payment of $180 or 20 monthly payments of $9.